The site for the lazy kind. For the ones who want to do a lot but don’t know how?! Well, this site is an insight of one of these creatures lurking in the background! Screaming to get out but just too lazy to do anything about it.


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I just want a friend…


Happy thoughts

Everyone needs them! Happy thoughts!

Today you will succeed. Because you have to. You will conquer your fears and do that one thing you really want to do. It could be small or it could be big. You will do it!

Also think of cute little puppies and marshmallow around the campfires!

Attempts of every kind

Success and Failures go hand in hand. So what is a success if I don’t name the failures and vice versa!

So this journey begins with one of the biggest failures of life.

(1) The desire to do nothing and to just live in that ever rising self doubts and loathing.

Why is it that you and I go through this phase (not saying that everyone does, some people do make it through without all the drama that life throws at them) but people like me do exist.

The answer to this question will lead to the question of then, how do I stop myself from feeling this way when I am in that situation.

This will be edited as life gives me lemons and what I make of them

Blog Me Oh My

This blog is for you but its for you to relate and sometimes just understand something you don’t necessarily go through or have gone through.

Love yourself, laugh kindly and help others especially yourself.